Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ask NOVI HALIM about Happiness & Enthusiasm!

It’s an honor for me to get this precious opportunity to interview the one and only Novi Halim for the first AskThem post! Wow! As you might know, AskThem is a project for my blog I announced last May. This project is commenced realizing that we all can learn a little bit of everything from everyone in our daily life. In this post, I will summarize my short yet fun (and full of laugh) interview with Novi Halim, who shared one-two-three things about her ‘specialties’: Happiness and Enthusiasm. A topic for everyone!

Meet Novi Halim, 24 years old, beautiful, and cheerful girl from Surabaya, Indonesia who loves to read and watching movies. Everyone who knows and near her must have been experienced her radiant personality. Let’s learn how she deals with life & maintaining the enthusiasm (even spread some around) during good & not-so-good times.
Some pictures captured during interview :)

Hi Novi, how are you?                                                          
I’m doing great, though really busy with things which jump on to my lap lately (laugh)

What you’re up to?

I’m currently working things on the office and since I’m now facing a transition period to new assignments, I need to learn new things but still keep an eye to old ones. I also been studying and working some tasks for my master degree and join in a committee in the office. But other than doing those things, I also spare a time to go out and hang out with friends. Well, it’s to keep myself not to be burnt out or overloaded with stress. (laugh)

Okay, now a little serious matter, what is life to you?
Life is a whole time learning process. Since we were born, we learned how to speak, how to walk, how to write, we’re going to schools, went through its levels, until we are being what we are now. And even now as we’re already grown up, I believe we should still learning!
One really good thing others spotted on you is that you’ve been really enthusiast in life. Where do you think you get this enthusiasm seeds from? Do your parents set this example for you?
I think it is my mom who inspired me to be like this. She is a good marketer, I think. She is friendly and talkative, and I admire her for being able to persuade people so well so that people will buy the products that she’s selling. My dad in the other hand is not really talkative.
Have you heard people commenting on you on how you’re looking so happy and enthusiast?
Yes, I have. Many times I guess. Some people wonder how I can be so full of spirit while working and they think as if I don’t have any problem with my life. Pep pop, they wrong. (laugh) I do have problems, everyone have problems. Who doesn’t? Some other people I met said that I can’t keep my mouth shut because I always smile on them. They once told me to try to shut my mouth. Hahaha.. It was just a joke from them, of course.
I’m sure you’ve also passing hard times just as everybody else. But what difference you from most of others is that you can maintain this state of happiness and enthusiasm. Would you care to share some tips?
Hahaha… Yes, you’re right. Sometimes I have lots things to do in the office, and there might come problems every now and then, and yes, there are not-really-productive days also (usually when I felt really bad about things but it didn’t happen often). One really simple tip I’ve been shared by my high school friend one time ago is to just enjoy your life. I mean, if you frown and be mad (and by then make everybody else around you afraid of you, which is a total flaw), the workloads and problems won’t disappear. It’s just burden your heart, making the works feel like a thousand times worse and impact everybody else around you. If you’re mad, you can throw out words you will be sorry later. So just be happy and enjoy whatever life brings. Problems? Chew it one at a time. And mainly, you can always go to God to calm you in such condition, because He promised us not to leave us alone.
Do you think it is important for us, people, to live our life enthusiastically?
I think it is. Mainly if you a grown up person. I mean, just like I said before, that we should keep learning in life, including learn how to control ourselves. When we were kids and teens, we were unstable and unsure about things, more egocentric, playing around, and follow & exhibit our feelings greatly (by then, become less logical). Now as we grow up, we have to become more mature, know what’s good and what’s bad, know how to express ourselves, and know the consequences of every action we take. We are held responsible for every action we take. If you work, work as professional, be a good work mate, and make your workplace as comfortable as possible. For me, since feelings are contagious, why don’t we send positive energy such as happiness and enthusiasm, instead of bad ones?
So you say that happiness in indeed an inside job?
Sure. You can only be happy and enthusiast by choice. Be happy consciously. Be enthusiast consciously. Cultivate happiness & enthusiasm is not easy, it needs time, and as I say, a lot of learning and practices. The process will be hard, but in the end, I’m sure it will worth it. I mean, there are so many disappointing things in life, and if we choose to be bitter, it will destruct our own life. By being bitter, we don’t change a thing. Choose to be better. Choose to live an enjoyable life.
Thank you Novi for spare your valuable time to this interview. Really appreciate it!
You’re welcome! Nice to be able to share.

AskThem Project is a project by Sandra Soetanto. Interview held by Sandra Soetanto. Pictures by personal documentation of Novi Halim and Sandra Soetanto.


  1. Inspiring Novi!! Really appreciate and salute..

  2. Nice quote by Novi Halim at the end of conversation : By being bitter, we don’t change a thing. Choose to be better. Choose to live an enjoyable life.

    Who's next San ?? (^_^)

    1. Hello! Glad you like it. For the question, who's the next, actually it can be anyone. Hahaha... Well, I haven't decide yet, but stay tune, I'll have it published next July. Have a good day!